Stefan M. Schieke
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Discovery Spotlight

Stefan M. Schieke, MD


Assistant Professor
Department of Dermatology


How cells align metabolic programming and fuel needs with phenotypic diversity in cancer progression and treatment

The Schieke lab focuses on the intersection of phenotypic plasticity and metabolic reprogramming in lymphoid malignancies. My laboratories focus areas are: (i) dynamics of phenotypic heterogeneity and metabolic states in cancer development and progression; and (ii) experimental therapeutics targeting cancer cell metabolic reprogramming and liabilities. The goal of our work is to dissect metabolic profiles of cancer cells to identify selective fuel and metabolic needs of cells that determine distinct phenotypes and properties of cancer cells such as migration and treatment resistance. This highly translational work spans from cell line analyses to clinical studies lymphoid cancer patients. This research synergizes with Dr. Schieke’s clinical practice at the VA and the UW focusing on the care of patients with cutaneous manifestations of hematologic malignancies.